Translation services

Appealing websites and other texts in German –
for hotels all over the world

In these unusual times, communication matters like never before. This means: The better you present your hotel and services to your international customers, the more you will attract the clientele you deserve.

What we offer

We know, that guests love to be addressed in their mother tongue. This is why we offer the adaptation of English websites and other texts into German. „Adaptation“ instead of „translation“ means: You will get professional texts that sound as if originally crafted in German. Your German speaking guests will feel really pampered and appreciated. In addition to this, we can take care of professional search engine optimization (SEO) too.

Who we are

For over 10 years we have been working as a team of two sisters. We both are professional text experts, specialized in tourism. We work for PR agencies, hotels, and hotel groups around the globe. We translate websites, restaurant and spa menus, CSR texts, mission statements, and any other text you may need. So you can properly present your business and services to your current and future clients.